Activity Definition

Activity Definition - In Dragon1 open EA method an activity is defined as the behavior, tasks or actions of a particular kind of work or pleasure.

Architect Definition

Architect Definition - In Dragon1 an Architect is a designer of total concepts for structures and supervisor of its realization.

Architecture Definition

Architecture Definition - Architecture (architecture of a structure) is a total concept consisting of coherent constructive, operative, decorative concepts.

Concept Definition

Concept Definition - A Concept is an approach, way of working, abstraction of an implementation or idea. Concepts are the most import parts of architecture.

Dragon1 Definition

Dragon1 Definition - Dragon1 is the name of a saas platform for creating Visual Enterprise Architecture solutions. Dragon1 covers an EA Framework / Method.

Enterprise Architecture Definition

Enterprise Architecture Definition. Enterprise Architecture is a total concept for an enterprise structure consisting of coherent constructive, operative and decorative concepts.

Actor Definition

Actor Definition: An actor is an internal or external entity that interacts with other entities.

Ambition Definition

Ambition Definition

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Ambition Definition. That what you try to achieve in the mid-long term.

Application Definition

Application Definition


Application Definition. Application is a shortened term for a software application or a hardware application.

Capability Definition

Capability Definition. What does Capability mean? Are there nice examples of Capabilities? A Dragon1 term definition.

Component Definition

Component Definition. What does Component mean? Are there nice examples of Components? A Dragon1 term definition.

Customer Journey Definition

Customer Journey Definition

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Customer Journey Definition - Do you know what has changed in the lives of people and what their new needs and requirements are?

Role Definition

Role definition: a role is a position that an actor has in a process.

Vision Definition

Vision Definition. What does Vision mean? Are there examples of Visions? A Dragon1 term definition.