Impact of Change Analysis

Enterprise Architecture benefit #2

The second most well-known benefit of EA is about visualizing and using the knowledge on the impact of change. With this, you can prevent showstoppers in projects better.

What is Impact of Change Analysis?

Impact analysis is 'looking before you make a step forward'. It is making a 'What-if' scenario analysis.

If some services, processes, or IT of your business are disrupted because of a change, then what are the consequences? How will it affect your organization, your teams, your budget, your profit, your losses, your brand image, and your future?

How to visualize Impact of Change?

Mapping Impact of Change Analysis Diagram.

How to Analyze Impact of Change?

Impact of Change Analysis is a (formal) way of collecting data and supposition in support of the pros and cons of any change or disruption to your business.

Good impact analysis will help you identify recovery strategies, prevention methods or means of mitigating impacts to the business.

Change impact analysis is sometimes also as to identify the potential consequences of a change or estimate what needs to be modified to accomplish a change. Another way of defining impact analysis is: "the evaluation of the many risks associated with the change, including estimates of the effects on resources, effort, and schedule".

How Does Dragon1 Support Impact of Change Analysis ?

Dragon1 supports the Impact of Change Analysis by helping you create diagrams that show relationships, dependencies, traces, and tracks.

For instance, you may want to know the impact of moving all your applications to the cloud. Or do all your projects in the Agile way instead of Waterfall. Or roll out a product worldwide that is not fully ready. Or only hire older experienced consultants, instead of younger ones.

If you can estimate the impact of a change beforehand, you can better manage the negative aspects of the change.

Dragon1 is a proven EA platform and open EA method and supports you in Impact of Change Analysis successfully.

Dragon1 supports you in impact analysis by creating the following products:

  • (interactive and animated) Application Landscape Diagram
  • (interactive and animated) Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • (interactive and animated) ArchiMate diagram
  • (interactive and animated) UML diagram
  • (interactive and animated) BPMN diagram
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Star diagram
  • and much more

Fishbone Diagram for Impact Analysis.

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