Smart City Architectures

Creating an architecture for a smart city is not that easy. Dragon1 guides you with a fixed set of essential products to create and processes to follow.

Concept Design Sketch or Artist Impression

Always create a concept design sketch or artist impression visualizing the main functions, capabilities and services the smart city is going to provide.

Structure Vision and Enterprise Blueprint

Always design a functional groundplan with areas or domains where you organize what services are needed.

Per organization that has to be created or changed design a blueprint showing what per layer has to be added or changed.

Infrastructure Landscapes

Always create a high-level overview and detailed Infrastructure Landscape (in parts) where you make it clear what (interoperability) standards and technologies are needed to create an infrastructure where solutions, services and apps can be plugged into. Obviously, you will be creating more than one infrastructure.

Solutions, Services & Apps Maps

Always created a high-level overview detailed Infrastructure Landscape of the solutions, services and apps that are going to make use of the infrastructure.

The projects that are building solutions, services and app in a modern way, will definitely need the landscapes or maps, in order to build something that will fit.

Solution Architectures per Project

Make sure that every project has at least two diagrams: 1) a functional diagram of the solution it is creating and 2) a technical diagram of the solution it is creating.

And have an overal functional diagram and technical diagram where all the solution architectures fit onto together.