Architecture Products

The Dragon1 method recognizes different products to be created in the various processes. Not every product is a specialized architecture product, but each product is essential or important to create by the architect.

This section of the method will provide a listing of the architecture products and their importance (essential, important, nice to have).

Architecture Dossier

Whether you put your architecture in documents, in a repository or in a tool, it is necessary to define a dossier per era and year your working with architecture. Without having an architecture dossier it is very hard to find back your documents.

Accessibility of Products

Next to having an architecture dossier, it is important that architecture documents are accessible for architects and stakeholders. So make them available via a tool platform or intranet. Also, make them searchable.

Maintaining and Managing Products

There must be some process on maintaining, managing and governing your architecture products. It will enormously increase the effectivity and efficiency in the organization.

Top 25 architecture products

The top 25 products that are awlays created when working with architecture are:

  • Design book or PXA, containing:
  • Infographic with strategic key figures and trends
  • Cross-Reference Matrix Business Goals-Projects
  • Business Case ROI visualization
  • Architecture Framework - status report
  • Architecture Vision (design sketch/drawing of a total concept)
  • Structural Vision (enterprise model, business model, information model or technical model)
  • Presentation of Board and directors: Why Work with Architecture?
  • Principe detail drawing of core concepts
  • Situation Sketches / Drawings of usage - and work places
  • Environment sketch/drawing of the value chain/collaboration network
  • Stakeholder analyse (onions model)
  • Artist Impression of the Service delivery of the organization
  • Personas of Owner-CLient & Stakeholders
  • Design sketch/drawing of Enterprise Governance & Compliance (GRC)
  • Storyboard of an implementation scenario
  • Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • Process landscape
  • Application landscape
  • IT Landscape
  • Reference Architecture overview
  • Solution Architecture Concepts Diagrams
  • Business, Information or Technology Roadmap
  • (non) Functional Requirements/Capability view of a core-system
  • (non) Technical Requirements/Capability view of a core-system
  • Every project should have at least a functional and technical visualization of the solution it is creating