RACI Matrix Definition

What is a RACI Matrix? The Dragon1 open EA Method makes it very clear: A Responsibility Assignment matrix. RACI matrix or RACI chart is a graphical tabular presentation of how different roles participate in completing certain tasks or create certain deliverables in a business process or a project.

A RACI matrix (also called RASCI matrix) is a very effective and efficient approach for communicating the roles and responsibilities in a process, program or project.

With it everyone knows precisely who is responsible, accountable, who must be consulted, and who needs to be informed. And this will improve the success of the process and the project.

raci matrix definition raci chartExample RACI Matrix or Responsibility Assignment Matrix.

Interested to use Dragon1 for Creating a RACI Matrix

If you want to create or generate a RACI Matrix or RACI model with your data, you can make perfect use of Dragon1.

This has many advantages over, for instance, doing it in Excel.

Dragon1 is the SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture with which you can design and publish these type of matrices easily from the Dragon1 repository with your Data.

The benefits are you can reach a higher number of people at once with your matrix. The quality of the data will be more consistent and higher.

People will not make use of outdated version and the data will be available and findable much longer than otherwise.

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