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A view is what a viewer sees from one or more certain viewpoints. A view is a representation of a model, where certain entities, patterns, or situations are emphasized or highlighted.

Let us define View

What is View meaning?

A view is what a viewer sees looking from one or more viewpoints.

A view is a representation of a model, where certain entities, patterns, or situations are emphasized or highlighted.

A view is a visualization of a quality aspect or cross-section of a system. Usage situations, usage conditions, management situations, and management conditions are often discussed in one view.

A view gives answers to specific (specialist) questions. A financial view of a system, for instance, gives answers to specific financial questions for that system.

An architect normally makes at least, 1 view for each identified stakeholder in his architecture design assignment.

Examples of Views

Not limitive list of examples of views are:

  • Customer view
  • Employee view
  • Stakeholder view
  • Management view
  • Financial view
  • Business view view
  • Business Process view
  • Growth view
  • Learn view
  • Logistics view
  • R&D view
  • Legal view
  • IT view
  • Data view
  • Application view
  • System view
  • Component view
  • Modules view
  • Security view
  • Cybersecurity view
  • Social view
  • Economic view

Although view and perspective are defined as interchangeable words in Dragon1, we promote to use of the word perspective for a combination of views.

When creating a combination of views, the resulting view will often include changes to the original views.

A combination of a financial view and a customer view can be called a financial customer view, but also alternatively a financial customer perspective.

Cybersecurity View of a System

Below is an example cybersecurity view. It shows what a security architect sees of a system from a security viewpoint.

In this case, the system is an online social network.

What is cybersecurity? - Cybersecurity is protecting data from criminal or unauthorized use and taking measures to achieve this.

Organizational View of the Balanced Score Card

The Balanced Score Card is well known for its four perspectives (views) on an organization (customer, financial, business process and learning & growth perspective.

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