Applications Overview: Digital Workplace, Resource Center, Architecture Repository, Visual Designer, Sketch, Viewer, Search, Assets Catalog, Management Dashboard, and more.

Digital Workplace Application

Digital Workplace Application


Digital Workplace Application enables collaboration between team members in creating and sharing projects, tasks, docs, updates of your business products.

Architecture Repository Application

Architecture Repository is used for storage, meta meta modeling and management of data of all the elements of the enterprise. Your architecture CMDB tool.

Visual Designer Application

Visual Designer Application


Visual Designer is a customizable online flowcharting and business diagramming tool that you can use to create models, views and visualizations with.

Models Atlas Application

Models Atlas is a Dragon1 Application. Data Visualization with Dragon1 Models Atlas will change the way you communicate information.

Assets Catalog Application

Assets Catalog is one of the Dragon1 applications and is used for easy entry of detailed data making information searchable and reusable on the Dragon1 Platform.

Application Manager Application

Application Manager is for managing your cloud based application functionally and technically.

ePortfolio Application

ePortfolio is for creating and viewing your portfolio, CV and working experience in terms of visual architecture products on Dragon1.

Task Manager Application

Task Manager consists of three web applications Start Up, Home and the My Work together form your Task Manager.

Explorer Application

Dragon1 Explorer is an offline viewer for .dragon1 and .d1 files. You can export the information from dragon1 and view it offline with Dragon1 Explorer (dragon1.exe) on Mac, Windows and Android.

Dragon1 Watch

Dragon1 Watch - Publish and share your content and knowledge with the world.

Architecture Checker Application

Architecture Checker. Optimize Enterprise Architecture, Business Processes and Application Landscapes and detect fraud. Works with ArchiMate, BPMN and UML standards XML files.

Online Collaboration Application

Online Collaboration Application is an easy to use EAM platform with a Kanban board to work agile together int teams, creating architecture visualizations for innovation projects.

Sketch Application

Sketch Application. With a library of 50 Canvases: the Busines Model Canvas and many other canvasses.

Dragon1 Channel

Dragon1 Channel - Stand out from the crowd! The homepage for your account where you can share content, knowledge, visualizations, presentations, videos and lots more.

Import Application

Import Application is a Dragon1 web application. Dragon1 supports import (and export) of various files and formats to and from other applications, sources and systems.

Intelligent Chatbot (AI)

Intelligent Chatbot (AI) - Dragon1 provides you with Artificial Intelligence to make your big data, and insight an doverviews from enterprise architecture and digital transformation data better usable for stakeholders and projects.

Enterprise Search Application

Enterprise Search is a web application improving search, finding, reuse, communication of your architecture and company data (documents, databases, content)

Resource Center Application

Resource Center is one of the Dragon1 applications, like an intranet information website just as Sharepoint and a Semantic Wiki, on the Dragon1 Platform.

Content Viewer Application

Content Viewer is one of the Dragon1 applications and is used for viewing static and interactive content published on the business platform.

Management Dashboard Application

Management Dashboard is used for building real time dashboards for various management reports. You can link metrics and KPI's to four types of widgets.