Enterprise Performance Framework

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Enterprise Performance Framework Reference Model.

Enterprise Performance Framework Reference Model

The top-level model in Dragon1 is the Enterprise Performance Framework. That is where it all starts for you as a business professional. Here enterprise architecture is positioned between enterprise strategy and transformation (or business change).

Dragon1 open EA Method sees enterprise architecture as a conceptual design instrument of enterprise-wide integral business / IT solutions.

Dragon1 positions enterprise architecture between enterprise strategy and transformation.

Enterprise architecture in this way is focused on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of integral business changes. Based on strategy. And directly increasing the enterprise's performance.

The enterprise performance framework of Dragon1 has three parts: Enterprise Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Transformation. Each of these is detailed in a reference model. And you can use each reference model as a meta-model for your user model as a guiding framework. This means you can model the enterprise strategy of your organization or company using the Dragon1 reference models as formal borders on what you may and must model.

Enterprise Strategy Reference Model

The enterprise strategy reference model identifies the important entities that make up your enterprise strategy and relates them together. In the Dragon1 open EA Method, all these entities are defined and symbolized as a consistent set of terms: Identity, Culture, Structure, Mission, Vision, etc..

Of course, you can have your theory or opinion on how things relate to one and another in enterprise strategy. That is no problem at all. On Dragon1, you can re-use the reference model and alter it to fit your enterprise strategy metamodel.

And from there on you can model any enterprise strategy you have using this reference model.

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Enterprise Architecture Core Reference Model

In the enterprise architecture core reference model Dragon1 defines and models architecture itself as a total concept consisting of a coherent set of constructive, operative, and decorative concepts.

Every concept consists of elements at a logical level, components at a physical level, and technical products at an implementational level.

The needs and requirements of stakeholders (input from the enterprise strategy) ask for certain concepts to be implemented in the enterprise. In this way, the enterprise strategy and enterprise architecture are connected.

You can model any enterprise architecture you have using this Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Core reference model.

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Transformation Reference Model

The transformation reference model defines entities like change, program, project, roadmap, deliverable, and milestones. Enterprise architecture products (visualizations) are used in programs and projects to guide the detailed design, development, realization, and implementation of solutions.

Connecting enterprise architecture to transformation in this reference model ensures enterprise architecture does enable transformation.

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