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Dragon1 Definition for Domain:
A Domain is an area of responsibility and the grouping of items in an architecture or architecture layer.

Let us define Domain

What is a domain or business domain meaning?

In the discipline of enterprise architecture, people try to make things less complex and more manageable.

For this, the concept 'Domain' is used.

A domain is defined in Dragon1 as an area of responsibilities and the grouping of items in an architecture or architecture layer.

Suppose an organization has 900 processes, 2000 applications, 2,000 types of data objects, and 1500 IT infrastructure elements, it helps to have the items in a layer grouped into domains.

Starting with defining and using domains in an organization can be done from the angle of current responsibilities or the natural coherence of items.

The diagram that visualizes the domains per layer is often called the enterprise domains model.

Enterprise Domain Model

This is an example Enterprise Domains Model that uses domains to group items per layer.

It is a Dragon1 practice to name the persons per domain that are responsible for the domain.

Next, these persons are consulted and informed when architecture decisions are made that have an impact on their domain.

Business Domains

In business architecture or the business layer, business processes, and business capabilities are grouped.

Sometimes 'market', 'company location', or 'business activities/business functions' are used.

Example business domains are:

  • Logistics
  • Services
  • Production
  • etc...

Data Domains

In data architecture or the data layer, data objects are grouped.

Example data layer domains are:

  • Purchase data
  • Client data
  • Products Data
  • etc...

Application Domains

In the application architecture or the application layer, interfaces and applications are grouped around business and data domains.

Often application domains are high-level information systems.

Example application domains:

  • Front Office
  • Mid Office
  • Back office

  • CRM
  • HRM
  • Fin Mgt
  • Logistics Mgt
  • Processing
  • etc...

IT Infrastructure Domains

In IT Infrastructure architecture or the IT infra layer, domains are grouped around the function of elements.

Example technology domains are:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • Platforms
  • Applications
  • Data

Note: Domains are very unique to an organization and will evolve through the years. It is better to look at a reference model and just start with a small set of domains instead of doing a study for years on the perfect model for your organization. Because it is not about the name of the domains, it is about the ones who are responsible for the grouping of items.

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