Dragon1 EA Method

    Project Management and Auditing

    What is a project?

    Dragon1 defines a project as follows: A project is a time-bounded temporary organization focused on realizing a predefined goal.

    If a project runs for longer the 9 months, the risks of not reaching the predefined goal are becoming greater and greater.

    From Strategy to Project

    Every organization has a strategy, either explicit or implicit. This strategy contains a group of goals and objectives. Some of these goals and objectives can be realized by working hard using the current business model and company structure. But some goals and objectives can only be realized when the business model is changed, or other aspects of the company structure, like the IT.

    To do this change, it is best practice to start-up a project. In other words: every project that you start-up in an organization MUST be able to be connected to a business goal or business objective.

    Documenting a Project

    In order to manage and do governance on projects it is a best practice to define, describe and document certain aspects of a project.

    A list of documents that are often created as part of a Project are:

    • Project Dossier
    • Statement of Work
    • Business Case
    • Program of Requirements
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Project definition document
    • Total concept design sketch
    • Organogram
    • Design assignment
    • Context model
    • Stakeholder onion model
    • Landscape map
    • Solution design
    • Blueprint
    • Roadmap
    • Gantt Chart
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Functional model
    • Requirements overview
    • Issues list
    • Design decisions list
    • FAQ list
    • Project charter
    • Test plan
    • Implementation plan
    • Acceptance Criteria

    The Dragon1 method provides checklists, templates and examples for all these documents.

    Visualize Projects with a Project Landscape Map

    All the items listed above and the item in the Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist together can be visualized as a consistent whole. The diagram we call the Project Landscape Map. It is with this map you can manage your project successfully.

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    Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist

    Download the checklist and ensure every IT Project is successful.

    You can download the official IT Project auditing document:
    Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist
    Dragon1 IT Project Auditing Checklist NL (Dutch Version)

    Dragon1 has more checklists for you that are part of the open EA Method.

    How to use the checklist

    Read the blog about how to use the checklist in a smart way.

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