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What is an actor?

Definition of Actor

The definition of actor is: an actor is an entity that is a participant in a process, like a person, animal, plant, robot, application, organization, department or system. An actor can be internal or external to the system interacting with other entities.

For example: Students using a Campus Webshop are Actors and have the role of Shopper.

When you model an actor, it is not common to model also the entity it embodies. Sometimes, for sake of understandability it is wise to do.

If you model a process and use lanes, these lanes represent the roles that actor have.

The shape for actor in Dragon1 is a wire frame person:

'Actor' has important relationships with 'Role' and 'Responsibility'.

An actor has roles because of its position in a process.

An actor is expected to perform certain tasks, being the responsibilities of their roles.

Types of Actor

Common types of actor are:

  • Business Actor
  • Process Actor
  • System Actor

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