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Enable Business Transformation and LEAN Business Processes using Dragon1 Innovation Lab as tool
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HOW TO Create Archimate Business Function Views on Dragon1


Dragon1 Tutorial: Interactive Modeling by Mark Paauwe

A Smart Template to Have Management Take Decisions Using Your Architecture Visualizations


Architecture View Layout Template by Dragon1 Inc.

Business Process Management (BPM): the best thing that can happen to your company!


Term Definition by Dragon1 Inc.

Dragon1 Innovation Lab is used in many ways

Business Professionals build Smart Companies online on Dragon1 Innovation Lab

Dragon1 Innovation Lab (Dragon1 iLab or Dragon1) is an online enterprise collaboration platform for Business Professionals on which they build Smart Companies.

A Smart Company is an organization that makes optimally use of the new technology in order to produce and deliver high quality integral products and services, continuously being adaptive, competitive and sustainable.

Collaboration Platform

On Dragon1 iLab you can design, model, visualize, analyze, create and build different versions, trying out various strategic scenarios, of your products and solutions.

In your Digital Workplace, with the available tools, you can learn, create, share and control these architecture products and solutions. Making use of the present knowledge, examples, checklists, reference models, and asking for feedback from your colleagues and experts.


Dragon1 Innovation Lab can be used to do Enterprise Architecture, Concept Design, Business Modeling, IT Management, Business Process Management, Innovation and Project Management. All these areas are needed to build a Smart Company.

Dragon1 is your EA Tool, BPM Tool, Concept Design Tool, Business Modeling Tool, CMDB Tool, Visual Project Management Tool, TOGAF Tool, ArchiMate Tool and UML Tool.

Invest in the future of your Company

We hope we have inspired you to start using Dragon1 Innovation Lab to build your Smart Company here online. We know for sure you will enjoy working with it!

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