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Business Diagrams, Concept Designs, BPM & EA Modeling

What business diagrams to create per application?

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Dragon1, Innovation Lab
for Business Professionals

For online visual Concept Design, IT Innovation, Business Modeling, Enterprise Architecture and Project Management.

As Business Professional use your Dragon 1 Digital Workplace to model, design and visualize your SMART Company online and in collaboration.


  (starting at $1990/yr)

Dragon 1 is easy to use.

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Dragon 1, your Innovation Lab / Collaboration Platform to create
Business Diagrams, BPM & Enterprise Architecture

'Learn to Design & Visualize Strategy Products, Business Diagrams, Mind Maps, Concept Designs, BPM, Enterprise Architecture Solutions and Projects on Dragon 1'

Dragon 1, Web Applications Overview - Providing all the complementary functionality you need


Digital Workplace

Start up apps and manage your team work.



Search and find content of others.



Share strategic background information.



Admin of Entities and creating models.



Creation of dynamic archi. visualizations.



Making visualizations interactive.



Creating and managing catalogs of entities.



Functional and Technical Management.



Control transformations using dashboards.

Use Dragon 1 as BPM Tool for BMPN Modeling and Business Process Management

Create extended BPMN diagrams with supporting Applications and Traceability - in all editions

BPMN Symbols
BPMN Swimlane Diagram

Use Dragon 1 as BPM Tool for BPMN Modeling by OMG and Business Process Management

Dragon1 is a true BPM Tool for BPMN Modeling

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Use Dragon 1 as Certified ArchiMate ™ Modeling Tool

Create ArchiMate diagrams & communicative models with symbols extensions - in all editions

ArchiMate Tool

Dragon 1 Extension: Business Capability
Archimate Symbols
ArchiMate + Business Capability Diagram
archimate capability map

Dragon 1 is certified as ArchiMate Tool by The Open Group

Dragon 1 is an ArchiMate Certified Modeling Tool

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Use Dragon 1 as Enterprise Architecture Tool

You can connect any disconnected information on this Innovation Lab / Collaboration Platform for Enterprise Innovation.

How To Design Enterprise Architecture on Dragon 1
Innovation Lab for Business Professionals?

Use Dragon 1 to create any visual architecture products you want.

Enterprise Architecture Tools are for Everyone

Whether you are a CxO, Manager, Architect, Project Worker, Engineer of Office Employee. Dragon 1 Enables you to create Business Diagrams that are of added value to your work.

Are you looking for Enterprise Architecture Tools, Enterprise Architecture or Enterprise Architects? Look no further – buy online at Dragon 1.

Enterprise Architecture Tools for Enterprise Architects

Explore, select and buy your cloud-based Enterprise Architecture Tools and download your open source business diagrams at Dragon 1! We have the best service desk and customer support services as well as the best selection of online resources with information about standards, reference frameworks, help, training, examples and modeling languages you want to use in Dragon 1. On our website and, you will find tools for architects, CIOs and managers as well as all the information you need to compare the editions of our Enterprise Architecture Tools with, such as a selection guide. You can create an application landscap diagram , enterprise architecture blueprint, technology roadmap and many other architecture visualization products with Dragon 1. Whatever your requirements are, Dragon 1 is one of the best Cloud-Based Web Application Enterprise Architecture Tools for you. For the best enterprise architecture products that bridge the gap between strategy and business change you use Dragon 1. Our unique product enables you to work with your own enterprise architecture framework or whatever standard you want to use. You can visualize any strategy, policy, business model or project plan and gain control over risks and manage progress with Dragon 1 ! Get online access now at home or at your work. The standards you can use in Dragon 1 Enterprise Architecture Tool are BPMN, UML, ArchiMate and TOGAF. Buy licenses of Dragon 1, Enterprise Architecture Tools and Enterprise Architecture at home, at work or mobile – the ease of use will surprise you!

Hello Manager,


Do you want to have more knowledge on Enterprise Architecture? If so, Dragon 1 is the perfect Enterprise Architecture Tool for you!

Enterprise Architecture Tools for Managers

Dragon 1 has a lot for you to offer if you do not want only an Enterprise Architecture Software Tool to create architecture products with, but also a tool that support you in gaining knowledge on Enterprise Architecture and have a better understanding of what you can do you Enterprise Architecture. The field of Enterprise Architecture has a lot of terms, like architecture principle, artifact, architecture model, architecture viewpoint and stakeholder, that form a glossary on its own. On this website and also on the Dragon 1 Enterprise Architecture Wiki and in the tool itself you can find many definitions for the enterprise architecture terms you are supposed to use. Also you can administer your own enterprise architecture definition. And what about architecture principles? Are you familiar with that topic? Do you have the most important principles on architecture documented and visualized well? Dragon 1 is the just the tool to use it for that. Zachman and TOGAF are the known enterprise architecture frameworks. But did you know that Dragon 1 is also a recognized open Enterprise Architecture Framework (pdf) and Method. Dragon 1 helps you using Enterprise Architecture as Strategy and as instrument to drive the innovation in your organization. Do you want to know more? Visit the Enterprise Architecture Innovation Center and start your journey in Enterprise Architecture based on Dragon 1. Because Dragon 1 is one of the best cloud-based Enterprise Architecture Tools you can use it at home and at work or mobile.

Hello Enterprise Architect,


Are you are entitled to have professional Enterprise Architecture Tools, supporting your work fully? Than Dragon1 EA Tool is for you!

Do you know how to create an enterprise architecture framework diagram?

And we have got more Tutorials for you

Enterprise Architecture Tools for CIOs

Enterprise Architecture Tools Selection and Comparison

Dragon 1 is the Enterprise Architecture Tool for Enterprise Architect, Manager and CIO. This website is created for CIOs, Managers and Enterprise Architects to make it easier for them to do a tool selection on Enterprise Architecture Tools. Sometimes this is also called Enterprise Architecture Tools comparison. Dragon 1 has many features and capabilities, like import data and export data, that supports the work of manager, CIO and enterprise architect perfectly. For instance you can play scenario’s, collaborate in teams, visualize enterprise architecture blueprints, roadmaps, landscapes and generate dynamic and interactive visualizations of architecture principles, capability maps and heat maps or define reference architectures. You can design and analyze meta models, architecture models. You can report like business intelligence any information to management and CIO. And you can provide access to anyone making Dragon 1 an Enterprise Architecture Viewer. With Dragon 1 you do not need to work and manage your content in different tools like a separate BPM Tool, PowerPoint, Excel and Visio. You only need one tool, even to send email messages to each other or create a word document that contains an architecture visualization with some text added. As Enterprise Architect you can export and import all your content via the Enterprise Architecture Tool download and upload features in Dragon 1. As professional organization we offer class based and self paced enterprise architect training but also an online help and videos. This all makes Dragon 1 the #1 cloud-based Enterprise Architect Tool to bridge the gap between Strategy and Business Change Visually.

Enterprise Architect Tool for UML

There are many tools but there is only one cloud-based Enterprise Architect Tool that enables enterprise architects, managers and CIOs to create beautiful visualizations of UML.

Enterprise Architect Tool for ArchiMate

ArchiMate Tool is a perfect architecture modeling language developed by The Open Group to do cross architecture border modelling. Dragon 1 is the perfect tool to create beautiful BIG PICTURES with Archimate. You can do archimate modeling like you have never done before. If you want to know what does archimate mean read this page. For user that really want help in ArchiMate we have an Examples ArchiMate Content Package available

BPM Business Process Modeling

A tool for BPM Business Process Modeling and Business Process Management

Have you been looking for an innovative tool with which you can do old fashioned business process modeling, some BPMN and do Business Process Management? But are you also looking for an innovative cloud-based web application as tool to create effective business process flow diagram with that can be used support strategic design decisions and you can do business scenario analyses with? Dragon 1 is that tool. Dragon 1 is an innovative EA Tool fit for purpose for BPM Modeling, Business Process Management and Business Process Modeling.

And do not forget to check out the downloads on enterprise architecture.

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Dragon 1 is a tool for TOGAF EA Modeling and Enterprise Architecture Management

TOGAF is an Architecture Framework with which you can do EA Modeling and Business Scenario Analysis. Dragon 1 is the perfect tool to do TOGAF EA Modeling with. Also you can extend the TOGAF content meta model to your own situation making it a perfect fit.

UML Tool

UML Diagram

If you are into UML Class Diagram creation such as Use case, class diagram or sequence diagram? Dragon 1 is the perfect tool for you to do UML Modeling with.

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