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Enterprise Architecture Framework Definition


There are two main different meanings and definitions for this term:

Definition 1: An Enterprise Architecture Framework is a basic structure (like a method) filled with a set of tools, such as reference models, which can be used for developing a broad range of different architectures as part of enterprise architecture. Dragon1 and TOGAF are examples of these kind of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks.

Definition 2: The overview, skeleton or structure of the enterprise architecture of an organization and its sub architectures. This structure reveals the parts or components the enterprise architecture framework consists of. For instance what sub-architectures are recognized and for what sub-architectures there are architecture principles and visualizations available of defined. The visualization on the top right of this page is an example diagram of this second meaning.


An Enterprise Architecture Framework should offer the following:

  • to provide a common vocabulary
  • to describe a method for defining an architecture in terms of a set of concepts and a system in terms of building blocks
  • to show how the concepts fit together
  • to contain a set of tools
  • to include a list of recommended standards
  • to include a list of compliant products that can be used to implement the concepts and the building blocks

Where did the Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram go to?

Too often organizations working with enterprise architecture do NOT have their enterprise architecture framework visualized. Dragon1 as open EA Method suggest to you as enterprise architect to create an Enterprise Architecture Framework Diagram as one of the first visualizations to create. If you create it for your stakeholders they will have much control over working with Enterprise Architecture in the organization.

Examples of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Examples of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks are:

  • Dragon1 enables you to create a conceptual blueprint for the organization and strategy using an innovative Enterprise Architecture as Strategy approach.
  • TOGAF - The Open Group Architecture Framework
  • IAF (Integrated Architecture Framework)
  • BiSL
  • LEAN

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