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    Architecture Visualization Definition Summary

    What does Architecture Visualization mean?

    We know what modeling is and what architecture models are. But do we know what visualizing is? And what is exactly an Architecture Visualization?


    An Architecture Visualization is the graphical representation of an architecture model or an architecture view of a model.

    This can be done on paper / printed (physical) or on a computer screen (digital). But also a video, animation or maquette are ways of Architecture Visualization.


    When Architecture is a total concept, an Architecture Visualization we see the way concepts work in an enforced way that are applied onto a structure.

    Architecture Visualizations let us see what the difference is between the theoretical principles of concepts and the practical application of principles of concepts in organization.

    Four Main Types of 2d Architecture Visualizations Graphics

    In general there are four types of 2d Architecture Visualizations Graphics:

    • Sketch - Such as informal design sketches
    • Drawing - Such as Informal principle detail drawings
    • Diagram - Such as formal process diagrams and application diagrams
    • Photographic Image - Such as Architecture Photos, Artist Impressions and Infographics


    An Architecture Visualization is symbolized by a picture icon: the shadow of two mountains with a setting sun.


    Examples of Architecture Visualizations are:

    • A design sketch of a total concept
    • A principle details drawing
    • An impact analyses diagram
    • An application landscape
    • A technology roadmap
    • An enterprise blueprint
    • An business concept artist impression

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    Here we have a page about Creating a Design Sketch.

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