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Dragon1 Icon for Component
Dragon1 Icon for Component

Dragon1 Definition for Component:
A physical replacable part of a larger whole. A physical entity of a system. Especially a part of a software application, a machine or a vehicle. Typically providing behavior via interfaces and requiring interfaces to function.

Let us define Component.

A component performs tasks, called behavior, and with that takes care of one or more functions for a system it is part of.

A module is often the logical counter part (element) of one or more components. Preferrable, to increase replacability, the interfaces conform to open standards.

Component has important relationships with 'Entity', 'Function', 'Service', 'Interface'.


Examples of Components are: a software application component like a parser component, a machine component or a vehicle component like an engine.


The shape for component in Dragon1 is a square with interface handles:

Types of Components

Common types of components are:

  • Business Component
  • Application Component
  • IT Infrastructure Component
  • Core Component
  • Additional Component

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