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Enterprise Architecture Definition

What does Enterprise Architecture mean?

enterprise architecture

We are used to architecture when it comes to buildings and bridges. But when it comes to organizations such as government institutions and enterprises, architecture is a whole new thing. Enterprise Architecture is or seems to be different from architecture. Is it? Or is it not?


Enterprise Architecture is a total concept for an enterprise structure consisting of coherent constructive, operative and decorative concepts for areas such as governance, business, information and technology.

In this sense Enterprise Architecture has a lot of similarities with building architecture as in the architecture (total concept) of a building (structure).


Today organizations are more busy with Enterprise Architectures than ever. Because of new technologies, coming forth more rapidly, big data being on the doorsteps, and not one software supplier can do it all, every organization has to make his current (AS-IS) and target (TO-BE) Enterprise Architecture visible.

Misunderstandings about Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is more than IT or business processes + software applications. Enterprise Architecture is the architecture of the whole of the enterprise.

Here is an article about Misunderstandings in Enterprise Architecture


The symbol for Enterprise Architecture is an enterprise with an arch.


An example Enterprise Architecture is presented here below: enterprise architecture diagram

More Examples of Enterprise Architecture are:

  • The company that is only present online. No employees. No offices.
  • e-government: the ability to do business with the government online and brick and mortar.
  • e-fulfillment: the ability to do every logistic action after a receiving an order smoothly and interchangeably online or physical.

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