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Dragon1 Definition for Viewpoint:
A viewpoint, or point of view, is the position or place a viewer as a stakeholder has in a space and from where he sees, understands, or experiences the world. It is what he sees, understands, or experiences because of being sensitive, interested, or knowledgeable about certain aspects.

What is Viewpoint meaning?

A viewpoint is the position of a viewer that makes he is interested or not in certain aspects, issues, and concerns.

A viewpoint is the job, task, and role-related interest of a stakeholder.

A viewpoint consists of one or more function-, task-, and role-related questions about how a system does something.

From a financial point of view (Financial Viewpoint) a CFO is interested in how a system is realized.

A customer has a customer viewpoint.

An architect makes at least, 1 visualization or view for each viewpoint.

Examples of Viewpoints

Examples of viewpoints are:

  • Customer viewpoint
  • Employee viewpoint
  • Stakeholder viewpoint
  • Management viewpoint
  • Financial viewpoint
  • Business view viewpoint
  • Business Process viewpoint
  • Growth viewpoint
  • Learn viewpoint
  • Logistics viewpoint
  • R&D viewpoint
  • Legal viewpoint
  • IT viewpoint
  • Data viewpoint
  • Application viewpoint
  • System viewpoint
  • Component viewpoint
  • Modules viewpoint
  • Functional viewpoint
  • Technical viewpoint
  • Security viewpoint
  • Cybersecurity viewpoint
  • Social viewpoint
  • Maintenance viewpoint
  • Economic viewpoint
  • Environmental viewpoint

Cybersecurity Viewpoint

As an example, we will provide a recipe for a viewpoint.

A security architect will have certain security questions when looking at a system.

Cybersecurity is about protecting information from unauthorized access.

Suppose the architect looks at an online social network, he might have the following questions, specifying the cybersecurity viewpoint:

  • How does the system ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data?
  • How does the system enforce (required) membership identification?
  • How does the system protect data from unauthorized access?
  • How does the system monitor (un)authorized access?

Example Cyber Security View

A view is what a viewer sees from a certain viewpoint.

Here is an example visualization and description of a View giving answers to these questions.

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