Dragon1 Architecture Diagram Statement

About the Architecture Diagram Statement Checklist

Creating an Architecture Visualization (such as a Landscape, Roadmap, Blueprint or such as Sketch, Drawing, Diagram or Impression) is one of the things any enterprise architect does on a daily basis. The quality (effectiveness, etc..) of the visualization is of very high importance.

As an enterprise architect you want your visualization to be used, for instance, to support the strategic decision-making of the owner/clients and stakeholders.

Before creating a visualization or diagram the Dragon1 open EA Method advises creating a Diagram Statement (or Visualization Statement). This will in all cases increase the quality of the architecture visualization you are planning to create.

You can download the checklist here:

About Dragon1 open EA Method

Dragon1 EA Method is an open Enterprise Architecture Method including an open EA Framework and open EA Modeling Language.

For external/commercial usage (such as training & consultancy) in Dragon1 EA Method a license fee is required. For internal usage of Dragon1 EA Method, no license fee is required.

About other methods, frameworks and standards

If you as an architect use another method or framework such as ArchiMate, Togaf, UML, COBIT, etc., you can also start formulating your Architecture Diagram Statement using the checklist.

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