Here is the full list of books and articles containing the knowledge that is used implicitly and explicitly in the Dragon1 method.

  • Proper, H. A., A Theory for Conceptual Modelling of Evolving Application Domains. Doctoral thesis Radboud University Nijmegen, 1994.
  • Proper, H. A. and Danny Greefhorst, Architecture Principles – The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture. With Berlin : Springer, 2011.
  • Jan Dietz, Jan Hoogervorst, Junichi Iijima, Hans Mulder, Martin Op ’t Land, Erik Proper, José Tribolet, Jan Verelst, Robert Winter et al. (2013). "The discipline of enterprise engineering". International Journal of Organisational Design and Engineering, 3(1), 86-114.
  • Jonkers, H., van Buuren, R., Arbab, F., De Boer, F., Bonsangue, M., Bosma, H., Ter Doest, H., Groenewegen, L., Scholten, J.G., Hoppenbrouwers, S., Iacob, M-A., Janssen, W., Lankhorst, M., Van Leeuwen, D., Proper, E., Stam, A., Van der Torre, L. & van Zanten, G. V. (September 2003). Towards a language for coherent enterprise architecture descriptions. In Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, 2003. Proceedings. Seventh IEEE International (pp. 28–37). IEEE.
  • Roel Wagter, Marlies van Steenbergen, Martin van den Berg, Joost Luijpers (2001) DYA: speed and coherence in business- and IT-architecture. Sogeti.
  • Vitruvius, Pollio (transl. Morris Hicky Morgan, 1960), The Ten Books on Architecture. Courier Dover Publications. ISBN 0-486-20645-9.

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