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Dragon1 Definition for Concept: A Concept is an approach, way of working, abstraction of an implementation or an idea.

Concept Definition Summary

Let us define Concept

Enterprise Architecture is a field of science about the design and realization of total concepts. Concepts are the most import parts of architecture.

But what does Concept mean in the field of enterprise architecture? And why do enterprise architects work with Business Concepts and IT Concepts rather than elements or components?


By conceptualizing a solution one takes away a bit of context, vendor (locking) specific details and make the solution concept applicable to a wider range of problems.

With concepts one can even project a solution concept from one domain or industry into the other.

Often Concepts of nature stand model for solutions in fields of science such as IT, pharma/medicine, consumer goods.


Architecture is not about components, but about concepts.

Patterns are often mistaken as Concepts. Patterns are a type of concepts and not the other way around.


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Examples of Concepts are:

  • A business concept like: intermediary insurance, cross selling and up selling
  • An information concept like: 360 client view, loosely coupled interfacing and single source of truth
  • A technology concept like: virtualization and robotics

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