Business Professional

Business Professional is the target audience for Dragon1. Who are they? Maybe you are a business professional? Read on and you'll find out!

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

CEO Chief Executive Officer is the head and the person ultimately responsible for a company.

Technical Architect Job Profile

Technical Architect is designer of total concepts and supervisor of the realization of total concepts for IT Infrastructure and Technical (Hardware) Systems

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

CTO Technology leader who thrives in challenging, fast-paced IT companies delivering advanced technology systems, sollutions, architecture and applications.

IT Coordinator

IT Coordinator. IT or information technology coordinators help businesses to maintain their computers and their networking systems.

Architect Job Profile

Architect. What is an Architect? Who is he or and what does he do? What is the added value of an Architect in the organization?

Information Architect Job Profile

Information Architect is the designer of total concepts for Information Systems & Structures and the supervisor of the realization of these concepts.

Enterprise Architect Job Profile

Enterprise Architect Job Profile. Dragon1 defines an Enterprise Architect as: The designer of total concepts for Enterprise Structures.

Software Architect | Dragon1 Roles

Software Architect is the designer of software concepts and supervisor of the implementation of these concepts.

Business Architect Job Profile

Business Architect is the designer of total concepts for Business Structures (f.i. Companies, Service Centers and Business Units).

CIO - Chief Information Officer

CIO - Chief Information Officer is a strategic role. One of the core activities is: keeping the processes and information aligned but agile (Strategic Fit).