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In more than 110 countries Dragon1 is used for:

  • IT Landscaping
  • Application Rationalization
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Blueprinting (Digital Twin)
  • Enterprise Architecture (Business Architecture)
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Concept Sketching
  • Principles
  • Flowchart, Workflow
  • ArchiMate
  • Togaf
  • Zachman Framework
  • BPMN

Dragon1 is well known for enabling Company-Wide Transformation with Enterprise Architecture. Users co-create blueprints, landscapes and roadmaps and all kinds of other visualizations on Dragon1.

These diagrams are about the strategy, architecture and transformations in organizations and will guide projects in their design and realization of enterprise wide solutions.

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We are the digital platform for Enterprise Architecture. It is the best option a CIO has for Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation.

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