Business Model Canvas Template

The business model canvas is a strategic management template and lean startup schema for developing innovative or documenting current and future state business models.

It is a visual map with areas describing a companies or product's customers, value propositionfinances and infrastructurs.

This canvas of a business model is the perfect tool to help you understand your business model much better. And in a straightforward and structured way.

On the Dragon1 Platform, the Business Model Canvas is available as template.

amazon's business model canvas template

The Business Canvas Model template is editable and interactive. You can populate this nice looking template very quickly and easily with your data.

We have live Business Model Canvas DEMO available for you.

A template by Alexander Osterwalder

Originally the Business Model Canvas template was developed by Alexander Osterwalder. Below you see the original template.

business model canvas template

More and more director and entrepreneurs use this canvas to design their new innovative business model.

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