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    Dragon1 Icon for Architecture Framework
    Dragon1 Icon for Architecture Framework

    Dragon1 Definition for Architecture Framework:

    Architecture Framework Definition Summary

    What does Architecture Framework mean?

    What is an Architecture Framework? Read the Dragon1 Term Definition here.

    There are two main different meanings and definitions for this term:

    Definition 1: An Architecture Framework is a basic structure (like a method) filled with a set of tools, such as reference models, which can be used for developing a broad range of different architectures as part of the architecture. Dragon1 and TOGAF are examples of these kind of Architecture Frameworks

    Definition 2: The overview, skeleton or structure of the architecture of a structure and its sub-architectures. This structure reveals the parts or components the architecture framework consists of. For instance what sub-architectures are recognized and for what sub-architectures there are architecture principles and visualizations available as defined. The visualization on the top right of this page is an example diagram of this second meaning.

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