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Dragon1 Definition for Innovation:
Innovation is the fundamental redesign of a product, system, process or service.

Let us define Innovation

What is innovation? What are examples of technological innovations? Read it here!


What is innovation meaning?

On Dragon1, the definition for innovation is the fundamental redesign of a system. The fundamental redesign means to reach the same outcome, other actions, steps, materials, technology, knowledge and science are used.

innovation definition self-driving car

Self-Driving Car.

The usage of these other things leads, for example, to a completely different way of producing things, a completely different energy footprint or a completely different cost/benefit balance. And that is innovation.

Within the context of an enterprise, innovation is often the fundamental redesign of business processes and information systems.

Sometimes an idea or just a new product, service or invention is also called an innovation. But here we draw the line where there is a fundamental redesign or there is not.

What has Changed?

A key question to get towards innovation is: What has really changed? What are people really doing differently?

technological innovations 3d prosthesis printer

3D Prosthesis Printer.

What real different opinions do they have? The questions to these answers are needed as requirements (design input) to be able to fundamentally redesign something.

Example answers to the question, 'what has changed', are:

  • Today we find it normal to talk with people across the globe.
  • Today we no longer want to spoil the water.
  • Today we think that everyone has the right to freedom of speech.
  • Today we find it normal that cars think for themselves.
  • Today we don't mind organizations anticipating what we don't already know we want.
innovation smart ehealth watch

Smart eHealth Watch.

Without new extreme requirements, no innovation can be done.

An example of requirements that drives innovation is: I want a means of transport that does not make use of fossil fuel, does not cost more than 1000 dollar, brings me within an hour a 100 miles further and can be built environment-friendly.

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