Process Improvement

business process improvement benefit

Enterprise Architecture benefit #5

What is Process Improvement?

Process Improvement is the process of identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes within an organization for optimization and to meet new quotas or standards of quality. It often involves a systematic approach which follows a specific methodology.

How Does Dragon1 Support Process Improvement?

Working with Enterprise Architecture has a history of improving processes. The fundamental LEAN redesign of chains of activities, complex services and products requires global and detailed insights and overviews, in order to know what and why to change.

Architecture visualization can quickly provide information on the impact of change a redesign of a process, service or product has.

On the Dragon1 platform you can visualize processes using different modeling languages, like BPMN and Value Stream Maps, but also with customer journey maps.

In order to be able to improve a process, you need to at least visualize five things:

  1. Current situation of a process;
  2. Overview of old and new approaches, solutions and technologies;
  3. Projection of the old and new solutions and technologies;
  4. New future state version of process and
  5. Transformation roadmap of the process to implement the changes step by step.

To help you see or identify old fashioned approaches (Way of doing things), Dragon1 provides you with a list of the LEAN Principles and Rules. LEAN is a redesign method that helps you remove inefficient approaches in processes.

When processes are improved, fewer mistakes are made, resources are used more efficient and effective and customers and clients immediately will experience the improvement.

Dragon1 supports you in realizing Process Improvement by means of creating the following products:

  • Business Architecture Diagrams
  • Architecture Principle Diagrams
  • Process Landscape with views
  • Process Modeling and (LEAN) Redesign
  • BPMN diagrams
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Capability Map
  • Process-Application Landscape
  • Checklist of the LEAN principles and rules.
business process improvement

An example approach of business process improvement.

lean bpmn value stream map

An example Business Process modeled with BPMN, where LEAN rules were used to remove unncessary steps in the process.

Use Cases

We have provided uses cases for you that address business process improvement as benefit.