Enterprise Architecture Framework

Agile Frameworks for your Architectures

Create a Framework for Enterprise Architecture via import excel data for analysis of compliance.

With this diagram, you can make clear which architectures in your organization are recognized and managed. And even more: you can make clear what the most important parts of each architecture are that you recognize and manage.

The visualization shows the most common and defined architecture domains for any organization.

The Dragon1 open EA method defines a reference model for enterprise architecture frameworks. In this context, an architecture framework is the coherent set of architectures for an organization or collection of organizations.

And promotes that you create your own version of this enterprise architecture visualization and make it part of your architecture dossier.

Be sure to define owners and architects per architecture and agree on a definition for an architecture type for your organization. Do this also for all the parts of an architecture. And make sure you've scaled up to all the architects in the organization to adhere to this agile framework.

Different versions of the Frameworks

It is common to create two of three versions of this EAF diagram: the AS-IS version, TO-BE version and Envision version. Or current state, future state and envision state.

In the current state, for instance, you may not actively be busy with creating a business architecture, whilst in the future state, you are. With different diagram versions of EA Frameworks, you can make this perfectly clear.

Use colors like green, orange and red to indicate whether or not an architecture or part of an architecture is recognized or managed.

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