Technology Standardization and Risk Mitigation

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What is Technology Standardization?

Technology Standardization and Risk Mitigating is the process of aligning your applications and IT infrastructure assets to a baseline of standards that are preferred because of the strategy and policies of the organization, in order to reduce risks (or the cost that failure brings). The more standard a solution, the lower the financial risks.

Technology Standardization Diagram.

How Does Dragon1 Support Technology Standardization?

Dragon1 supports Technology Standardization by helping you to create diagrams that show where certain organizations are compliant or not compliant with standards. Dragon1 helps you to create diagrams that show what standards organizations need (because of the strategy), how to implement new standards and how to remove bad or old standards.

For instance, you may want to collaborate seamlessly with other organizations, or have your business units collaborates more efficiently together. You may want everyone to be working with one consistent client view.

Then you would be looking to have only solutions built on open standards or very common standards. This will make integrating processes, services and applications between organizations much easier to do. On the Dragon1 platform, you will visualize then what standards, solutions and technologies organizations for the same task are using, which are open or very common and how to migrate to a uniform landscape of standards.

Having different solutions for the same problems and having a different version of the same solutions, increase costs. Having exotic solutions to a common problem, or having no standard solutions to standard problems, all increase costs. Especially when knowledge is scarce.

Dragon1 is a proven EA platform and open EA method and supports you in standardizing your Business and IT Landscape successfully.

The less diverse (in terms of standards and technologies) an IT landscape is, and the fewer relationships or interfaces there, the less complex the IT landscape is. Lower complexity leads to higher availability, an improved way of working with the IT landscape and much fewer risks it will fail.

Dragon1 supports you in realizing technology standardization by means of creating the following products:

  • Domain Standards overview
  • Standards Baseline
  • Architecture Principles
  • Business and Process Landscape with standardization and technology views
  • Application Landscape with standardization and technology views
  • IT Landscape with standardization and technology views
  • Business Process Diagrams with standardization and technology views
  • Software Application Diagrams with standardization and technology views
  • IT Infrastructure Diagrams with standardization and technology views

Use Cases Examples

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