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What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?

Enterprise Architecture is a total enterprise concept, consisting of a coherent set of concepts. These concepts can be grouped into governance, business, information, and technology concepts for an enterprise structure, contributing to the operative, constructive, or decorative dimension of the enterprise structure.

An Enterprise Architecture can be visualized as a conceptual blueprint with various views and visualizations, showing the structure and operation of an organization. The objective of enterprise architecture is to bridge the gap between enterprise strategy and enterprise transformation to improve the overall enterprise performance by reducing IT costs, redesigning business processes, standardization, realizing KPIs and business goals, and enabling innovation.

Enterprise architecture is also often seen as a discipline to create a proactive and holistic view of an enterprise and have it respond to disruptive forces adequately. With Enterprise Architecture, one can identify and analyze the execution of a change with the desired business vision and business outcomes.

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What is Dragon1?

Dragon1 is the open EA Method and online Enterprise Architecture Management Platform to create, design, visualize, document, or model your enterprise solutions. Dragon1 approaches EA as the architecture of the whole enterprise. View the different examples in the left menu.

What does Enterprise Architecture (EA) look like?

Below you see an A0-sized diagram of an Enterprise Architecture. The oval symbols are the concepts that are part of the total enterprise concept (= enterprise architecture). Per concept, the maturity and % implemented are given.

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Key Benefits

The key benefit of using Dragon1 to model your Enterprise Architecture is that you create effective diagrams that support your decision-making. Often EA documents and Architecture Methods produce many documents that are never used. With Dragon1, you only create a document with examples to be used.

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On this blog about Conceptual Enterprise Architecture modeling, you can see how with Dragon1 you can model the essence of your Enterprise Architecture as a bridge between the enterprise strategy and enterprise transformation.

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