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Stakeholder Definition

What is a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is an individual, group or organization that is affected by, has effect on, has interest in or concerns of something, for instance an organization.

Types of Stakeholders

Types of stakeholders with regards to organizations are: Owner/Clients (the primary stakeholders), End users, Shareholders, Clients, Employees, Managers, Architects, Contractors, Government, Suppliers and Chain partners.

Stakeholder Management and Moderating The Program of Requirements

Any architect, whether you're an enterprise architect or software architect, should agree on delivering certain services with its owner/client: design, construction, inspiration, review, audit or advise.

The owner/client and architect are wise to agree on architecture design & construction contracts. The owner/client often is the one paying for the design and construction. Now the owner/client will or should tell you who, which stakeholders, to consult for requirements and for what domains of the solution. And you as architect also proactively discuss with the owner/client all the stakeholders to approach and for what. And it is your job as architect to moderate the program of requirements, collecting the requirements from the stakeholders. So here you see how important stakeholder management is.

Stakeholder Roles

The diagram below shows the different roles stakeholders have.

Stakeholder Onion Diagram

Just defining groups of people as stakeholders has no meaning. Identifying stakeholders because of their relationship with the organization and defining that, is very meaning full.

A generic diagram to do that with is called the Stakeholder Onion Diagram. On Dragon1 have made it easy for you to model your stakeholders with a Stakeholder Onion Diagram

Enterprise Strategy

Stakeholder as entity is part of the enterprise strategy. In the Dragon1 Enterprise Strategy Reference Model you'll find the position of stakeholder amongst other entities.

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