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Dragon1 is a powerful business platform and networking service for business professionals, consultants, executives and students

Together they build digital models and great visualizations for better decision making on strategy, technology, innovation and transformation.

The platform has all the building blocks and features you would expect to be there.

If you are in the process of digital transformation or if you need to adopt new technologies and concepts quickly and cyber secure, then Dragon1 is the platform you need.

Do you want to link your business strategy to your IT strategy and have an integral transformation program to go with that?

Read on to find out how the platform can help you to perform all these different tasks.

The Basic Building Blocks

As every platform, Dragon1 is a set of building blocks, or web applications that together form an integrated solution.

The most import building blocks are:

  • The Digital Workplace

    A modern online workplace where you can write blogs, do instant messaging, share updates, build up a network, manage projects and clients and write docs. And much more.

  • The Architecture Repository

    This is your account based database where you can store and manage data, models and products centralized.

  • The Visual Designer

    The ultimate online design application to create models, visualizations and other interactive products with.

  • The Content Viewer

    Once created you want to publish content to stakeholders. The content viewer is the application that stakeholders use to browse, watch and provide feedback on your content.

  • The Resource Center

    This is the application allowing to build an intranet in your account, styled to your own liking. You can use it for anything, like building a knowledge base or intranet for your projects.

  • The Import Module

    This application module can literally import any type of data. We have as list of over 200 default data types you can match with your input data to have it imported in a structured way.

Together these building blocks enable you to design any business model or operating model you can think of. You can visualize and analyze any strategy, architecture or project. Together they will help to make every strategy, project, change or transformation a success.

By enabling you to create landscapes, blueprints and roadmaps.

These visual products give you an integral overview. And this overview gives you insights enabling you to make better decisions.

Important Features of the platform

Dragon1 is not a tool or management suite. It is more. It is a digital platform with specialized tools, a digital workplace and with social and knowledge networking features.

  • 100% online

    Dragon1 was, is and will be only build for the internet, cyber space or the cloud. Dragon1 is a 100% online solution. And that brings you all the benefits of working online, in cyber space and in a cloud.

  • Virtual Team Collaboration

    Of course you can work on your own Dragon1, but the real power of the platform is unlocked if you work as a team together on creating products.

    Whether you are in different locations, countries or areas on the world. Sharing content, helping each other, providing feedback, taking over work, planning activities. All these things are done easily on Dragon1 as a team.

    Many organizations collaborate with consultants, suppliers and clients from their ecosystem to innovate and transform.

    Dragon1 is built to support that way of working.

  • Import and Re Use

    How annoying is it to start over again if you start using a new solution? On Dragon1 that is not the case. If you choose Dragon1, you will see you can reuse all the work you have done before. Import is Dragon1's middle name.

    We even have built a 1-2-3 instant diagram generation feature for you based on imported data from XLS, CSV or XML files.

  • Dynamic Views

    How often have you created a picture or presentation that was already outdated the moment you presented it? Or that people use an old version of your picture or presentation and in the end taking decisions based on wrong data?

    On the platform this problem is history. No longer will your stakeholder have outdated, incorrect, inconsistent or old versions of data, pictures and presentations.

    With dynamic views you create automatically updated filters on top of the models. So if the data in your models change, the views and visualizations of your models change too.

  • Digital Presentations

    Do you still cut, copy and paste data, docs and diagrams from one application to another to present it? That is no longer needed. You just build a presentation (a set of frames) on Dragon1 and present it from the content viewer. Take a look here at some presentations.

  • The Modern Business Professional

    Profile yourself online with your visual portfolio, your unique skills and great experience. Make yourself known to the world and standout from the crowd online.

    You can create the best professional presentation of yourself and your company. Give it a try.

  • Landscaping, blueprinting and roadmapping

    If you need to create a model or a view like an application landscape, business blueprint or technology roadmap use the repository, designer and content viewer.

    Start with creating, for example, an application landscape and later on start on creating a process landscape. After that, you can integrate them together.

  • Strategic Architecting

    Design new business concepts and model and visualize the principles of these concepts as the way things work. A principle details diagram is the perfect guide for implementing a new concept or technology completely and successfully. Make it actually work and produce benefits in this way.

  • The Ultimate Benefit

    Making better decisions supported with visualizations.

    The ultimate benefit Dragon1 as digital platform offers you is that you will make better decisions. You will make better decisions because you can make use of up-to-date overviews and insights of the business and IT of your organization.

    Every organization needs to implement new technologies and concepts, but often it is not done at all or not quickly or thorough enough.

    Dragon1 supports you in making better decisions.

    This is done via the seven point plan:

    • 1. Import and correct data

    • 2. Build models and stakeholder specific views (filters of models)

    • 3. Generate Landscapes and Blueprints

    • 4. Make decisions based on common overviews and insights

    • 5. Start up and Guide projects to build or to improve

    • 6. Update your Roadmap

    • 7. Obtain your Goals and KPIs by managing with landscapes, blueprints and roadmaps

    Follow these seven steps and in the fields of strategy, technology, innovation and transformation you will be more competitive as organization.

    Other benefits

    Next to making better decisions, some other important benefits of using Dragon1 are:

    • 1. Your processes will actually be LEAN: improved and aligned

    • 2. Your system will be more integrated and made more cyber secure

    • 3. Your strategy planning will be much more easy to do

    • 4. You will have much more control over the projects doing digital transformation.

    • 5. You can analyze and improve the required skills of your working force.

    • 6. Last but not least, you will be successfully in energizing a new business model and design and implement a better operating model.

    What is Dragon1 used for?

    Depending on the skills and knowledge of a user, Dragon1 is specialized software for certain fields of work.

    The fields of work Dragon1 is often used for, but not limited are Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, IT Service Management, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

    So if you are an expert in one of these fields, you can start immediately working on the digital platform.

    Suppose you are not an expert but a novice, you will find many templates, checklists, examples, help and training on the platform, you enabling you to feel like an expert.

    Who is using Dragon1

    In an organization anyone benefits from using of Dragon1. The most important roles making use of Dragon1 today are:

    • Board members and Directors

    • Managers: Business, IT and Project Managers

    • Architects: Enterprise to IT Architects

    • Business and Systems Analysts and Process and Application Designers

    • Policy workers and Auditors

    Product editions: CONNECT, PRO and ENTERPRISE

    We have two editions for you to choose from. Pick one edition and read all about it:

    Dragon1 CONNECT

    Dragon1 PRO

    Dragon1 ENTERPRISE

    Getting Started on Dragon1

    We have everything you need to get started: learning resources like an online help, templates, examples, videos, training.

    You can contact us for our Step-by-Step plan. We have outlined for you how to plan and do activities most effectively, 15 till 60 minutes per day.

    We can also advise you on choosing an implementation partner to start using Dragon1 and successfully transform you organization.

    For more information contact us via info@dragon1.com or call +31 317 411 341.

    We are always at your service!