Platform for Working with Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 is the platform for working with Enterprise Architecture in the Boardroom. Dragon1 is Repository-based and provided mainly as SaaS. Dragon1 integrates processes, apps, tools and analytics. Everything CIOs, managers and architects need for governance and execution of smart transformations.

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Collaboration for Enterprise Architecture and Innovation

Enable Efficient Collaboration for Company-Wide Transformations

We all know that technology innovation, digital transformation or cloud migration, are complex things to do. That is why more and more organizations are making use of the Dragon1 platform.

dragon1 platform for enterprise architecture

On the Dragon1 platform, we have integrated all tasks and tools to enable efficient collaboration between all stakeholders. Everyone can do his or her work in one place: The Board of directors, Managers, all Business & IT stakeholders, the Architects, Suppliers and Consultants. They can get into the flow of innovation and transformation. Together.

Web Application Suite for Visualization, Analytics and Management of Strategy, Architecture and Transformation

For long, architects have been working alone creating magnificent architecture products using their own applications. However, key stakeholders in strategic projects did not make use of these products enough. For one because they did not have easy access to architecture data. From a strategic point of view, this can cause a lack of guidance and control of projects.

dragon1 web applications suite

Dragon1 as a platform provides a highly integrated suite of web applications on top of a repository. With these applications, users can create, share and analyze models and diagrams of strategy, architecture and transformation data.

When new technologies and concepts have to be implemented, you need a strong Enterprise Architecture practice in the organization. Every transformation starts with a new strategy and finds its way through disruptive concept design all to projects for implementation.

Use the Dragon1 Platform to collaborate, share, monitor and inspire to ensure progress in any projects by creating architecture product together with all stakeholders.

Smart Transformation requires Enterprise Architecture

With an online mindset, the Dragon1 Platform provides participants of company-wide transformation more control. Architects have more time to focus on their designs, managers on reports, project workers to develop and build solutions and directors on making decisions.

The Dragon1 Platform helps people to accelerate in what they do best. In your way. What works for you.

Enterprise Architecture at Maturity Level 1

dragon1 working with enterprise architecture at maturity level 1

The Dragon1 Platform promotes and supports to mature working with architecture at three defined levels of maturity. The first level is to provide every stakeholder and project with accessible architecture products they could make use of and do so on many occasions.

The visualization below visualizes the building blocks that need to be in place to work with enterprise architecture. On the Dragon1 Platform, you can create and maintain the enterprise architecture dossier, plan architecture and report weekly. All focused on realizing the company-wide transformation.

Co-Create an Enterprise Architecture Dossier

As shown in the visualization above, having an enterprise architecture dossier and having approved products for stakeholders and projects is key to working with enterprise architecture.

Below you see examples of architecture products you can create on the platform, that are part of the baseline in any enterprise architecture dossier.

Together these products create a strategic Line of Sight. Take a look the products you can create and align on the Dragon1 Platform:

strategy map

Strategy Map

uber business model

Business Model

dragon1 cloud benefits

Disruptive Concept Design

process application landscape diagram

Process Application Landscape


Enterprise Architecture Blueprint

enterprise architecture transformation roadmap

Transformation Roadmap

Successful Complex Projects

Dragon1 provides you with a unique combination of saas platform and enterprise architecture method, making sure all the stakeholders and architects of project collaborate optimally.

Every step everyone takes can be made transparent. Every product that is made, can be shared and controlled. Steering projects can be done much more directly and effectively because everything of the project is made visible and tangible.

Because it is much more easy to create complex project products in collaboration, no longer important documents like concept design sketches, programs of requirements and grand designs are skipped due to time pressure.

dragon1 visual enterprise architecture method

This visualization shows how Dragon1 supports transformations and implementations from AS-IS to TO-BE.

How Dragon1 Supports Transformation and Implementation

In the above visualization you see in the middle a program as a set of projects, each starting at a different moment in time. Above the program you see architecture in four abstraction levels of details: Conceptual (CAD), Logical (LAD), Physical (PAD) and Implementational (TD) and finally Contract Documents (CD, as fifth).

In every phase of a project a different level of abstraction of architecture: first its concepts and principles in the Initiation Phase, then its elements and standards in the Definition Phase, then components and standards in the Design Phase, and technical products and standards in the Preparation Phase and Build and Implementation Phase.

In each phase or level of abstraction in the architecture there are different types of visualizations that help and guide the process in the projects: Concept Design Sketch, Structure Vision, Architecture Vision, Principle Details Diagrams, Process Landscape, Application Landscape, Solution Landscape, Solution Blueprint.

Product Editions

Dragon1 comes in five flavors:


Dragon1 is often used as solution for:


The Dragon1 Platform is used by managers, architects, analysts and designers as:

Web Applications

The Dragon1 Platform consists of a suite of web applications such as:

Open EA Method

Dragon1 as platform is framework agnostic, it also provides an open method for Visual Enterprise Architecture and Project Management that fits into or complements any other framework or corporate standard:


People that want to become expert in using Dragon1 or even a certified architect, can you make use of our accredited training course:

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