Dragon1, SaaS Platform for Enterprise Architecture

Dragon1 is Named Strong Performer in the 2017 Forrester WAVE for EAMS

Gartner names Dragon1 a niche tool in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for EA Tools.

  • Dragon1 ENTERPRISE

    Maturity in working with Enterprise Architecture, Transformation Programs, Strategy, Innovation, Technology Projects

    Target Audience: Architects, Managers, Analysts, CFO, CIO

    + Onboarding and Training

    Pricing is split into Server and Users.

Onboarding is a two hour skype/webex session of where we support you in setting up environment, such as profile, portfolio and channel.

Basic User Training is a 4 skype/webex sessions of 1 hour where we take you through the basics of the Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture method and you will produce and publish an architecture visualization.

"Dragon1 PRO is really great! I've managed to save 15% of my IT costs by generating and using a detailed application landscape on Dragon1."

--IT Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Overview of Editions

Dragon1 CONNECT is the edition for everyone who wants to connect with other people. Dragon1 CONNECT is provided only via a public cloud: .NET, MS IIS and MS SQL Server.

Dragon1 PRO is the edition for individual Business Professionals that want to co-create business strategies, enterprise architecture and transformation with other PROs or clients. Dragon1 PRO provided via a public cloud or via a managed private cloud (ask us for more information): Firewall, NET, MS IIS and MS SQL Server.

Dragon1 PRO includes the Dragon1 CONNECT features

Dragon1 ENTERPRISE is the edition for teams, departments, projects and enterprise organizations. Dragon1 ENTERPRISE is provided via a public cloud, a managed private cloud or via on premise IT (the last two both at extra cost): Firewall, NET, MS IIS and MS SQL Server.

Dragon1 ENTERPRISE has the same features as Dragon1 PRO.

Here you can read more about our cloud computing scenarios.

* Dragon1 supports modeling in all open standards for Enterprise Architecture and Business Processes like: TOGAF, ArchiMate, Flowchart, UML and BPMN.

*Dragon1 is also an open Enterprise Architecture Method. The software is optimized for conceptual modeling and creating blueprints. The Dragon1 modeling notation and specialized product templates make Dragon1 into a unique online platform.

Dragon1 EDUCATION is the edition for registered students at colleges and universities. 1 Dollar per student per month, per groups of 100 students. Dragon1 EDUCATION has the same features as Dragon1 PRO. For more information contact us.

Forrrester Wave EAMS 2017

Dragon1 is named strong performer in the Forrester Wave EAMS 2017.

"Dragon1 is competitive in most criteria but is particularly strong in strategic assessment, transition management, and communication and reporting".
For more information, read our page on Dragon1 in the Forrester Wave EAMS 2017.

Quantity Discounts

If you are planning to use Dragon1 with more than one user, we can offer you quantity discounts.
We have subscription packs for 5 user, 10 user, 25 user, 50 user and 100 user.
For more information about the subscription packs mail us at sales@dragon1.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 day trial work?

There's no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. You can cancel your account at any time by simply clicking on the 'account settings' link on your dashboard.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Not for the single-user account but we do for a multiple user account.

Can I create models and diagrams by dragging and dropping shapes on a canvas and can I draw lines as relationships between the shapes?

Yes, you can model and draw online on Dragon1 just like you are used to in the desktop modeling and drawing applications.

Does it work in every browser?

Yes. Dragon1 works in every major browser.

Is Dragon1 fit for use with Archimate or Togaf?

Dragon1 does NOT endorse these open standards to be used, but yes we support modeling in it. You can configure modeling rules, create meta models, models and diagrams as these open standards prescribe. On Dragon1 we have a large set of basic shapes fitting the need you have.

Is Dragon1 both an online EA Tool and an open EA Method?

Yes. Dragon1 is both. The open EA method has unique definitions like 'the architect is a designer of total concepts' and 'architecture is a total concept of a structure' and 'an architecture principle is the enforced way a concept works producing certain results'. The online Dragon1 EA Tool is based and build upon these definitions.

Dragon1 offers physical and logical modeling as any other method or tool. But we also offer strategy modeling, meta modeling, concept design and roadmapping. With Dragon1 you have a one stop solution for working with Enterprise Architecture, but you can also combine any other open standard or your own approach with it.