Dragon1 Help System

Welcome to the Dragon1 Help System, the documentation system for providing user assistance for Dragon1.

The content in the Help System is dynamic and will evolve over time. The content is set up in a topic-based structure, allowing you to focus more on your task by presenting only the information you need to get your task done.

Who should read this?

The Dragon1 Help System is aimed at business professionals such as IT Architects, Managers, Designers, Analysts, Developers, Administrators.

If you are creating a model, view or diagram (visualization) or even a complete architecture on the Dragon1 platform, you should read this document to learn how to create the products and publish them for your organization or third parties.

Organization of the Dragon1 Help System

This help document includes the following chapters and appendixes:

  • Getting Started
    The Getting Started area guides you quickly through every part of Dragon1.
  • Guides
    Learn how to create products on Dragon1, compliant to various methods, frameworks and industry standards.
  • Index
    Browse through the available topics in this help.


The benefits of adopting the Dragon1 Help System are:

Searchability - Sophisticated search capabilities, including full-text searching and the ability to search on synonyms and common misspellings.

Ease of updating - The Dragon1 Help System makes it easy to revise and expand your help content, page by page or all at once.

Ease of adoption - Many business professionals have recognized the advantages of up-to-date browser based help and implemented HTML solutions to provide user assistance.

User experience - The Dragon1 Help System is optimized for delivering on-screen help. By using the Dragon1 Help, you’ll ensure that the user experience for your application is consistent with the expectations of your user base.[F1] Context Sensitive Help - The Dragon1 Help System can integrate seamlessly with your application. For example if you are in a screen of dialog and don't know what to do, just press the [F1] key and you'll be taken to the best fitting help page for the specific situation.

About Dragon1

Dragon1 is SaaS platform for Enterprise Architecture which you can use to co-create and manage architecture solutions for transformations in the organization together with your clients and/or vendors.

Dragon1 enables users to create projects, process models and architecture designs and many other models (in either ArchiMate, BPMN, TOGAF®, UML®, or any custom language notation). The power of Dragon1 is to enable you to create visuals and interactive diagrams that can all be interconnected.

To get started quickly we have developed a game plan with six lessons. On the "Jump Right In" page you can read all about and also start doing it! All you have to do is to Create a free account here and you are ready to go.