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    Enterprise Architecture Glossary

    Dragon1 provides you with a tiny Top 40 EA Glossary / Enterprise Architecture Glossary

    Enterprise Architecture has created a complete language of its own.

    Beneath you'll find a list of dominant words used by the industry fully explained and illustrated.

    Top 40 of Enterprise Architecture Terms and Definitions

    1. Architecture
    2. Architecture Framework
    3. Architecture Plateau
    4. Architecture Principle
    5. Architecture Visualization
    6. Assumption
    7. Business Architecture
    8. Building Block
    9. Business Rule
    10. Capability
    11. Concept
    12. Concern
    13. Data Architecture
    14. Deliverable
    15. Design
    16. Dragon1
    17. Eco System
    18. EA Method
    19. EA Tool
    20. Element
    21. Enterprise Architecture Framework
    22. Enterprise Architecture
    23. ERA
    24. GAP
    25. Information Architecture
    26. IT Architecture
    27. Layer
    28. Meta Model
    29. Model
    30. Pattern
    31. Project
    32. Reference Architecture
    33. Requirement
    34. Security Architecture
    35. Solution Architecture
    36. Stakeholder
    37. Standard
    38. Style Element
    39. Structure
    40. System
    41. Technical Product
    42. User Model
    43. Values
    44. View
    45. Viewpoint
    46. Vision
    47. Work Package
    48. < suggest your term >

    Enterpise Specific Entity Classes

    The term below are not specific architecture terms, but are term depicting an Entity Class is can be part of an enterprise or an eco system

    • Business Process
    • Product
    • Process
    • Service
    • Capability
    • Application
    • Module
    • Objective
    • Initiative
    • Information Process
    • Information System
    • Standard
    • Organization
    • Enterprise
    • Technology
    • Business
    • Model
    • View

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    Our intention is not to provide a complete dictionary on enterprise architecture here, but to provide only the most frequent used words in the field.

    A criterium for a term to be in the Top 50 list is that it has domination in the field of science of EA, such as a standard, method or architecting concept, and that the term is not a domain or system specific design entity, such as process or application.

    We are very much interested in what you think the top 50 EA Terms are. Please send your comments and suggestions to info@dragon1.com about this Enterprise Architecture Glossary. We will take a serious look to every serious suggestions and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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