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Activity Definition

The Dragon1 open EA Method defines an activity as the behavior, tasks or actions of a particular kind of work or pleasure, alone or in a group, by humans, animals, things, robots, computers or systems. An activity can be decomposed in tasks or can be seen as a major task. Activity as term is considered to be most important in the context of an organization, company, business or enterprise.

The shape for activity is a label shaped rounded rectangle.

The source of this definition is Paauwe, Dragon1, 2014. A digital copy of the Dragon1 EA Glossary can be found on and Enterprise Architecture Glossary.

Examples of activities are: making coffee, camping, printing a sculpture. Activities normally are part of functions and are part of processes. A function groups activities focusing on realizing the same goals. Processes structure the order in which activities take place or are executed in order to realize certain business goals.

Every day in every organization a lot of business activities take place. In order to manage and structure the business activities we often make use of the elements 'business function' and 'business process'.

A business activity is any activity that is engaged for the primary purpose of realizing business goals, such as making profit.

Sales business activities for instance are part of the business function 'Sales Management' in an organization. The business process of 'Closing a Deal' contains a few sales business activities, but may also contain business activities from the Business Function 'Legal Management'.

On Dragon1 you can model activities, functions and processes. We also have extended the ArchiMate modeling language with 'Activity'. ArchiMate used to have 'Activity' as element, but it was dropped when it was handed over to the Open Group. Dragon1 considers activity to be the most important element of an organization. We use a circle as shape for the ArchiMate activity.

Example Visualization of Activity

Here you see an example usage of Activity on Dragon1.

You see two business functions 'Sales Management' and 'Legal Management' and one business process 'Closing the Deal' and three business activities. The business functions group activities and the business process structures the order or flow of activities.

Feature Video on creating an Activity Model

Below you see a feature video of creating an activity model on Dragon1.

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