Solution Architecture

Architects design enterprise wide solutions. These solutions will have impact on the enterprise and its architecture.

Every solution has an architecture and that architecture can be regarded as a mini enterprise architecture.

One can deconstruct a solution architecture into the various architectures that are part of the architecture framework of the organization. And document the impact it has or may have on the various architectures.

Suppose the solution is an enterprise wide CRM system, the solution architecture will impact the governance, business, information, application, data and IT-infrastructure architecture of the organization.

Domains and Functions

A solution architecture always at the top level consists of a Solution Context, Solution Domains and Functions per domain.

Next per function, the concepts that will be implemented to materialize the function, are named and shown.

Next per concept the principles that need to be taken into account are drawn up.

Next in a solution architecture principles are translated into general rules (guidelines) and standards.