Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing

The concept of Cloud Computing is that an organization is making use of a scalable computer network or IT Infrastructure for IT Services via the Internet. The software in a cloud is cloud-based software.

cloud computing concept

Cloud Computing: Public Cloud vs Private Cloud.

Cloud Computing Benefits

The advantage of a cloud is that you as a user of IT services do not have to care about IT Infrastructure matters. For instance, when a version of software changes or the network needs to be updated or extended. All that is taken care of by the cloud provider.

cloud computing benefits

Cloud Computing Benefits.

A Cloud Computing Reference Architecture:


Cloud computing is as safe as online banking. You can trust your data to the cloud. That is if you carefully select your cloud provider.

Organizations make use of cloud providers.

All access to and communication with an organization is in most cases secured via SSL (HTTPS) communication. Users need to have a strong password and make use of a captcha. Power and backup in the data center are fully redundant. That is why many organizations and governments rely on their data center.

public cloud

Public Cloud.

What is a Public Cloud?


A public cloud is primarily a cloud where users via the browser access one or more web applications that serve more than one organization. Also as an end-user organization, you are not responsible for managing the software or hardware of the cloud.

The data is stored multitenant: every organization has its own database.

What is a Managed Private Cloud?


A managed private cloud is a cloud where you first need to login to a remote client or virtual desktop, to get behind a firewall and then you login to a (web) application via the browser. As an end-user organization, you are normally responsible for managing the software or hardware of the cloud.

The cloud provider is responsible for managing the software and hardware of the cloud. You are the owner of your data and can control how it is stored and archived.

private cloud

Private Cloud.

What is an On-Premise Private Cloud


An on-premise private cloud is a cloud in the data center of the end-user organization. It often resides on their intranet and the data is secure behind a firewall. As an end-user organization, you are responsible for managing the software or hardware of the cloud.

Dragon1 is a Cloud Application

Dragon1 is offered to you as cloud-based software. Dragon1 is an application provided via the cloud. This is called Software as a Service (SaaS). People just need to log in and they can work from anywhere and use any device: PC, Laptop, Tablet PC, or Smartphone. User organizations and users have no software or hardware worries anymore.

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