Strategy Realization

strategy realization benefit

Enterprise Architecture benefit #7

What is Strategy Realization?

Strategy Realization (SR), or strategy and transformation realization (STR) is simply put: the agile process of discovering what works best.

Strategy realization involves feedback and feeds forward subprocesses. It departs from the idea that a strategy can be a well thought out predefined plan that can be executed rigorously.

How Does Dragon1 Support Strategy Realization?

Every organization that has a strategy will want to realize it. And for that put up programs and projects. Therefore you can create strategy maps, balanced scorecard and project portfolio maps and project landscape maps.

This enables you to see which projects are actually busy with realizing objectives and goals from the strategy map and balanced scorecard.

This helps you also to see where there are (blocking) solutions and technologies that should be removed, replaced or introduced, in order to help the projects in producing deliverables and realizing the required outcomes.

Using Dragon1 for Enterprise Architecture, is most helpful for reviewing, feedback and using the strategy: the strategic priorities and initiatives can be connected to programs and projects that realize them. Architecture can provide the integral blueprints and landscapes for the strategically required concepts, principles, standards and solutions and guide projects with them.

Dragon1 supports you in realizing Strategy by means of creating the following products:

  • Strategy Map
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Enterprise Blueprint
  • Enterprise Roadmaps
  • Digital Transformation Views
  • Project portfolio overview (matrix)
  • Project landscape map
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Enterprise Roadmap
dragon1 strategy map

Example visualization of a strategy map that can be link to a project portfolio map to see which projects are realizing which goals.

Use Cases

We have provided use cases for use that have Strategy Realization as benefit.