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Dragon1 Resources is the place where you can find the official publication of the Dragon1 open EA Method (in short Dragon1). EA stands for Enterprise Architecture. The Dragon1 open EA Method is maintained by the Dragon1 Architecture Foundation via open procedures. Any professional or organization can participate in improving the Dragon1 open EA Method. Contact us for more information about participating.

Dragon1, The Big Picture

Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture Framework - The Big Picture (PDF)

White Paper, The Business Case for Dragon1

Read the white paper The Business Case for Dragon1.

Dragon1, the Open Enterprise Architecture Method

The Dragon1 open EA Method is structured in four ways: a way of thinking, a way of working, a way of representing and a way of supporting. Each of these four ways is detailled on the Dragon1 Resources.

Way of Thinking

You can checkout all the different resources sections here, but you might want to start reading with this:

Way of Working

Way of Representing

Way of Supporting

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