About Us

Dragon1 is an online collaboration platform that enables business professionals and organizations to do enterprise innovation in a visual and effective way, to adapt constantly to new technologies and to respond to social and economic issues.

People design visualizations of concepts, business processes, new business models, IT systems, strategy, data, patterns, goals, vision, and much more to gain insight and overview in the desired and undesired cohesion and dependencies inside or outside their organization. Business stakeholders and enterprise architects are working on projects with Dragon1 - visual enterprise architecture - to finally create improved and new products, services and solutions building their SMART DIGITAL Company or Network.

We develop cloud-based software to enable people and organizations in visualizing information, culture and knowledge to excel in enterprise performance.

As a software development organization we focus on software that increases comfort, ease of use, benefit and control. We do that by developing Enterprise Software in a modern way with web applications and business apps.

Our Vision

We, Dragon1 Inc. have a clear vision on four topics: people, organizations, knowledge and information.

First of all, the four topics can and should be visualized at any time for better communication and collaboration.

People often have unused capabilities and competences

Our vision on people is that they need, can and should be better relocated in organizations using their capabilities and competences optimally.

Organizations need to use people & information more effective

Our vision on organizations is that they need to use people and information much more effective in order to survive competition. And that even goes for governmental organizations.

Knowledge needs to be made reusable

Our vision on knowledge is that knowledge present in peoples head and in organizations is not as much reusable as is should be. If made more reusable knowledge can be used as competitive edge.

Information can be of strategic impact

Our vision on information is that most organizations really do not know how they can use the information for their own benefit. If used properly, information (of course made visually) will be of a significant impact because it is used supporting every strategic decision to be made.

Our History

In 2005 Dragon1 Inc. started as a consultancy and training organization. The way we have practiced enterprise architecture has always been different from the rest: with a strong analogy to building architecture. This new way of working with Visual Enterprise Architecture, as we call it, we have used to create the Dragon1 open EA Method. Which is beginning 2013 internationally recognized as an open EA method.

This new way of thinking required a new wave of software support that existing tools could not supply. Dragon1 as a method focuses on designing, conceptualizing, visualizing views in diagrams, sketches, drawing and photographic images. This brought to start developing Dragon1 as Platform of which Dragon1 as Enterprise Architecture Tool, BPM Tool, ArchiMate Tool, UML Tool and Togaf Tool are the first product lines in this product family.

We always do research and develop software using Shark, our software development method in close relationship with our customers. We call that Open Innovation. This has brought to where we are now: a software company focused on collecting and visualizing information for decision support.

Our Mission

We enable EA practitioners to engage the business and CxOs. Business outcomes are the key focus of Enterprise Architecture. You need business people, business language and business visuals to achieve this.

Our Values

We are focused on people and organizations. People values are: professionalizing & knowledge creation. Organization values are: sustainability & information as a key production factor.

Our Ambition

Between now and three years it is our ambition that Dragon1 becomes the new visualization standard to solve architectural and organizational and social issues at a strategic level.