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Dragon1 Definition for Vision:
A vision is the image of the future of something, that someone, like a stakeholder, has.

Let us define Vision

A vision is the image of the future of something, that someone, like a stakeholder, has. Often vision is mistaken for future goals.

A vision should state future aspects, situations, issues, and concerns on certain themes. The strategy should address the opportunities of the vision on themes.


The symbol for Vision is an eye.

Vision on themes

Over the last 10 years, a general trend has been observed regarding developments in society. This trend is that developments are moving faster and faster.

Developments are driven by the rapidly changing demands of consumers and organizations on the one hand and globalization and globalization on the other.

To make it a little more concrete, we can say that it concerns 'technological developments', 'business process developments', 'chain developments', and 'digitalization'. These developments and their impact on the information provision are of crucial importance.

Organizations must work transparently and meet all kinds of legal criteria and compliance. The rapid changes in consumer behavior require that an organization must be able to change quickly. However, compliance prevents that.

One consequence is a phenomenon that we are already experiencing: complexity. This complexity will only increase in the coming years.

One consequence of this is that it becomes more difficult for managers of organizations to make decisions. Overseeing the consequences and impact of decisions is virtually impossible and endangers the continuity of companies.

A major issue for entrepreneurs is therefore: 'How do I ensure that my company can change in a short time and remains changeable?'

To achieve this, a company will, among other things:

  1. Must be able to concretize vision into goals, strategy, and policy.
  2. Must be able to facilitate changes to guarantee the progress of changes.
  3. Being able to adequately manage risks in change projects.
  4. Being able to draw up impact analyses within a short time to implement the decisions taken.

Companies will increasingly opt for an integrated architectural method (standardization).

Example of Vision Statements

Here you can see a visualization of the vision of the enterprise 4.0.

On this page, you can read some examples of vision statements, for example, the vision statement of Disney: “To make people happy.”

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