Single Source of Truth

Why is a Single Source of Truth so important?

single source of truth

This page describes and visualizes in detail the concept and the principle of Single Source of Truth. This page will present a definition, literature references, a principle formulation, and a principles detail diagram.

Single Source of Truth is an information concept part of the Reference Information Architecture of the Dragon1 EA Framework. Single Source of Truth is about maintaining consistency in data and preventing inconsistent duplicates.

We make use of the 'Concept Description Template' that the Dragon1 open EA Method has developed.


What is Single Source of Truth?

Single Source of Truth, in short SSOT, refers to the concept where certain data has only one official source to be used by data consumers (i.e. humans and software) for the true current version of that data.

An example

For instance, if a company stores the addresses of clients only in one database when addresses change, there is only one instance of the address to change. If the company stores the address of the same client in different databases, after a change of address for a certain time, the company may work or use two different addresses to communicate with you.

This could create costs like sending invoices to the wrong address that eventually never get paid or sending products to the wrong address that are delivered at the right address.


Principle Statement

By always storing data in exactly one location it prevented inconsistent versions of that data or will be used by data consumers.

Principle Details Diagram.


This principles details diagram shows that 'Truth #1' is the only Data Source that may be used by Data Consumers to read data.

Position in Dragon1 open EA Method

This concept is part of the Reference Information Architecture of the Dragon1 EA Framework.


Organizations use the Concept of Single Source of Truth as part of their Information Architecture or Enterprise Architecture. By implementing this concept the quality of data increases, fewer mistakes in communication are made and the costs of errors are decreased.

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