Getting Started

What Tasks Do You Want To Do?

Getting Started is focused on learning you the basics for certain tasks. Here we have listed the most common tasks. Is one of the tasks in the list below something you would like to do on Dragon1?

  • Setup an initial repository and enter some data
  • Build a model, view or diagram
  • Compare models and diagrams
  • Manage a Project
  • Create a Target Architecture
  • Build reports
  • Working together on concepts, designs, solutions, scenarios, roadmaps, blueprints and landscapes and prototypes
  • Make your content interactive or publish content in a channel
  • Have other people review and comment your private content
  • Manage tasks and send messages
  • Setup a profile and ePortfolio, link your content, or write a blog

If that is the case, you are in the right place.

Dragon1 is an online modeling, co-creating and presentation platform and fit for purpose for these tasks. On this Dragon1 Learn and Help System we will explain in detail how these tasks can be executed by you.

Building a Dragon1 Diagram in a Few Lessons

In the Getting Started area we focus first on how to build a diagram in the Visual Designer. This will be your first task. You will learn how to build a model, create a view as filter on top of it, and how to draw or generate a view on a visualization canvas.

And of course we will address the prerequisites (via the Dragon1 Playground) in order to be able to login and to know the basic functionality of the software.

The Dragon1 Playground is a public cabinet with example models, views and diagrams. You can play around and change them (changes are not saved). Because a lot of data and structures are already in place this saves time for learning things.

Step-by-Step Guide

It is possible to get started with the Step-by-Step guide online or as pdf.

Other Tasks

Besides building diagrams, there are much more things to do on Dragon1. But these are more complex tasks. These tasks are also explained on this Dragon1 Learn and Help System, but they are not the first things to do to learn Dragon1 well.

Are You Ready? Jump Right In!

Are you ready to start your journey?
Well then Jump Right In to learn all about how to build your first diagram on Dragon1.