Web Application: Architecture Repository


The Architecture Repository is an administration application for setting up and managing your own architecture administration in a repository. You can create as many repositories, called Cabinets, you like.

The Architecture Repository is a web application that allows you to administer data entities and relate data entities to a model which you all can reuse creating views and visualizations in the Visual Designer. To the data entities which you administer, you can attach meta data such as standard images but also own attributes, and you can add default values for those attributes.

So if you administer an information system as an entity in the Architecture Repository, please indicate here which properties that information system possesses, who is the owner, what business process is supported, who is the vendor and is the information system part of a project? So you can think of numerous data. What data will be used and who is responsible to determine, this is undoubtedly defined in the architecture policy (that is published in the Resource Center).


Here we mention the main tasks you perform in the Architecture Repository

1. Define and Administer Data Entities

Use the Architecture Repository to administer or import and organize the data entities you collect in the organization in any what you want.

2. Build Reusable Architecture Building Blocks

Use the Architecture Repository to build reusable building blocks, stacks of data entities.

3. Data modeling

In the Architecture Repository you relate the data entities, which you have administered, with each other, creating models. The administered products you relate to services, processes and applications. In this way you create, in a short period of time, a model of the whole enterprise, which you can later on visualize stakeholder oriented in the Visual Designer.

4. Manage, make and keep your data consistent

The Architecture Repository is the application to make and keep your data consistent. All the information you have written down in documents, you can keep consistent with the Architecture Repository.