Browser Compatibility

Cross Browser Compatible

Dragon1 is cross-browser compatible Enterprise Architecture Software (Enterprise Intelligence Software).

Any officially supported device, operating system, and browser can be used to make use of the Dragon1 platform to create and share content.

These browsers are optimally supported and preferred by the Dragon1 team:

  • Google Chrome
  • New Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
  • Safari
  • Firefox

The browsers below are supported but not specifically recommended:

  • Classic Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (latest version)
Known issue: Microsoft Internet Explorer does not implement SVG as well as other browsers. This causes an SVG border-width hick-up.

Browsing problems?

In case browser related problems are encountered using Dragon1, please report this to the service desk:

Everybody in the world should be able to use the Dragon1 platform on the device* and browser* of preference.

*) The device, operating system, and browser used should still be supported by its manufacturer. An alternative might be to upgrade to a newer version.