Create a Button Bar

On a visualization you can create button bars.

Button bars are a series of buttons for different values of an attribute or different views.

dragon1 use tags in data list view

Screenshot of an example Button Bar.

How to Configure a Button Bar

To configure a button bar:

  • Go to the Collaboration application
  • Select a Visualization
  • Click the Edit button
  • Enter in the Button bar name field the following in a comma-separated list: [Bar Name], [Option 1], [Option 2], [Option 3], [Option 4], [Actionscript function].
  • If you leave an option empty, no button is generated for that option.
  • You can currently have at max 4 buttons per button bar.
  • For example: Domains,HR,IT,Finance,Marketing,showHideAttributeValue
  • Enter bottom right in the Button bar position field.
  • Click the Save & Close button

You will see now a Domain button bar on your visualization.

dragon1 use tags in data list view

Screenshot of example Button Bar configuration.

If the entities in your model have an attribute Domain, on click on the buttons the entities having a corresponding Domain value are shown or hidden.

More options for the Actionscript function can be found on the Action Script help page.

To hide a default button bar enter None in the Button bar name fields.