Use and Edit Templates

Tailoring using Corporate Identity

Visualizations are more appealing when they reflect the corporate identity. Dragon1 offers functionality to apply the corporate identity to visualization in a matter of minutes by the use of colors, legends, logo and icons.

Below you see a visualization using the corporate logo and colors.

Edit a Template

Using Visualization Template.

How to Use and Edit Template?

Use the following steps to change the appearance of a visualziation and apply the corporate identity to the Visualization:

  • Log in.
  • Click 'Collaboration' on the left side menu.
  • Click 'Data Dashboard' to show the Data Dashboard.
  • Click the 'Visualizations' tile to show the list of Visualizations.
  • Open a Visualization by clicking it in the list.
  • Click the 'Edit' button in the top button bar.
  • Scroll down to see the 'Visualization Details' section.
dragon1 use edit visualization template

Use and Edit Visualization Template.

In the 'Visualization Details' section the corporate identity can be applied by setting the colors (group background, group border, group header), legends (roadmap, importance, risk, criticality), visualization logo, font (size and color) and icon library.

Once done:

  • Press the 'Save' button to save the changes.

Changing Template Settings

Use the following instructions to change the settings of a template:

  • Add UDF IconLabelWidth and provide a length between 10 or 400