Dragon1 Excel File Structure

Example Excel Files

On this page, we provide two examples of Excel files.

You can download the files here and use them to study and practice generating diagrams.



Upload your edited Excel file (.xlsx) here in the Dragon1 Viewer. Click on the Upload Data file button.

Handling Data from Excel Files

In order to have Dragon1 understand the data in your Excel file, we suggest doing the following:

  • It is preferred you use the (,) as a separator in fields.

Mandatory Fields

In order for Dragon1 to recognize your data, be sure to include the following column names or data:

  • id
  • class
  • name
  • descr
  • type
  • group
  • tags

A typical Excel file with process, application and server data would look as follows:

dragon1 excel file structure

A Excel file in Open Office.

Uploading a Excel in the Viewer

You can upload Excel files (.xlsx) directly into the Dragon1 Viewer.

If you upload a .xlsx file in the Viewer, compliant to the specification above, it will be converted internally into a .dragon1 file (JSON structured), like below:

dragon1 json file structure

Next, a diagram in the Viewer will be shown as below:

dragon1 excel file diagram

A Dragon1 Excel file in the Viewer.