Create A View

Dragon1 supports creating views.

A view is a filter on top of a model.

We are now going to show how to create view of a model.

The starting point here is that you already have created a processes model in the Architecture Repository or Visual Designer.

To create a view do the following:

  • Go to the Architecture Repository
  • Open a Cabinet
  • Select a folder
  • Insert a View from the Menu
  • Give a name for the view
  • Go to the Visual Designer
  • Open a Cabinet and Select the create view
  • Click om Edit Data
  • Enter modelid as variable and the modelid you want to link to this view
  • Enter ruleevent as variable and onclick as value
  • Enter rulecondition as variable and Process.Type='Sales' as value
  • Enter ruleaction as variable and fill='green' as value
  • Enter a second ruleaction as variable and hidenonmatching or opacitynonmatching=0.4