Create a View


Dragon1 supports creating views. A view is a filter on top of a model.

Before a view can be created, a Processese Model has to be created in the Architecture Reposity or Visual Designer. On the page "Create a Model" you can learn how to create a Processes Model in the Architecture Repository.

How to create a View?

A Processes Model has been created before in the Architecture Repository or Visual Designer. The following steps show how to create a View on top of it.

create view in architecture repository

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  • Log in
  • Go to the Architecture Repository
  • Open a Cabinet
  • Select a folder
  • Insert a View from the Menu
  • Give a name for the view
open processes model in visual designer

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  • Go to the Visual Designer
  • Open a Cabinet
  • Select the newly created View
  • Click on "Edit" on the menu bar, and choose "Edit Data" (CTRL + M).
edit data for view in visual designer

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  • Enter the modelid in the field Modelid as variable and the modelid you want to link to this view.
  • In the field Ruleevent enter the value " onclick ".
  • In the field Rulecondition enter the value " Process.Type='Sales' ".
  • In the field Ruleaction enter the value " fill='green' ".
  • In the field Ruleaction2 enter the value " opacitynonmatching=0.4 ".
  • Click on the "Apply" button

The Processes Model in the newly created view will light up.

created view in visual designer

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