Data Manager

The Data Manager is a web application that enables you to manage different object types and asset catalogs for the objects in your organization on the Dragon1 platform.

You can create, for instance, a list of current business processes and two lists of future business processes and run different scenarios with them.

The first page of the Data Manager shows a Dashboard.

Data Manager as Search Engine

The Data Manager is one of the latest additions to Dragon1 and already it has proven to be an invaluable tool. Instead of having to dig through cabinets, dossiers and folders to find an item, the Data Manager allows the user to get to a entity data list by a single click.

The dashboard provides you over 60 out-of-the-box entity classes you can enter data or lookup data for.

The color of an entity class box in the dashboard will change depending on the number of items in the data list for that entity class.

dragon1 populated data manager and dashboard

Populated Dashboard.

However the dashboard can be intimidating when opened for the first few times, due to the large number of tiles, counters, and colors. This topic will show how to work with the dashboard effectively.

How to open the Data Manager?

This topic requires having the Data Manager opened. To open the Data Manager, follow the steps below:

  • Log in.
  • Click 'Collaboration' on the left side menu.
  • Click 'Data Manager' to open the it.

How to use grouping?

With the Data Manager opened, grouping can be turned on and off by following the next steps:

dragon1 grouped data

Using Grouping in the Dashboard.

  • On the top button bar, click 'Groups'. The tiles in the dashboard will be grouped by subject (Governance, Strategy, Business, Architecture, Data and Applications, IT Infrastructure).
  • Click 'Groups' to toggle the grouping off.

How to filter by subject?

With the dashboard opened, the items (tiles) can be filtered by following the next steps:

dragon1 subject filtering

Using Subject filtering in the Dashboard.

  • Ensure grouping is turned on.
  • On the top button bar, click "Governance" to toggle off the Governance subject.
  • Click 'Business' to toggle off the Business subject.
  • Click 'Architecture' to toggle off the Architecture subject.
  • Click 'Data and Applications' to toggle off the Architecture subject.

How to search for a specific item type?

With the Dashboard opened, tiles can be found by following the next steps:

dragon1 use search in data manager dashboard

Using Search in the Dashboard.

  • Type a few characters in the search box in the top button bar (e.g. rel). The system will display all items that contain the typed-in character sequence.
  • Clear the search box in the top button bar to show all tiles.

Tip: Revert to normal

When done filtering, grouping, and/or searching, and you want to revert to the view in which all tiles are shown, click on "Collaboration" in the left side menu, then on "Data Manager" to force a reload of the page.

Work in progress

The Dragon1 team has fallen in love with the Data Manager and its smart Dashboard, as we believe this is the way users want to work with Entities, Relationships, Models, and Visualizations. The functionality of the Data Manager will be extended in the next months to make it easier to work with and more powerful than ever.

Expected functionality:

  • The Administrator trimmed down a set of tiles per audience.
  • Autosave of the last view.
  • Reset to defaults.
  • Sorting.
  • Filtering based on tags.